Monday, June 4, 2007


1. With the countdown timer set for 8:00 am or so, we have now entered the sub-20-day range.

2 Just a training/angst update here, if anyone is still reading. I need a few more open water swims, then I'll be ready. I'll be ready for the run, even if I have to slowly gut it out. I am fearing the bike in a major way. All, don't be surprised if every single one of you passes me on the bike, unless, of course, some/most/all of you are in front of me getting out of the water, which is a distinct possibility. This picture reminds me of the bike leg here. please observe fit, muscular man in the lead about to die. The one saving grace, perhaps, is that this bike leg has long sustained climbs (as I recall it, being the first part of the other course) but no real hideous urban SF climbs ... I think, which I am much less suited to and which almost killed me on the other course.

3. See website for schedule. looks like registration Sat 12-3. Small window, plan accordingly.

4. Looks like swim, run1 and run2 are unchanged from when we first saw the site. See bike leg map though. It is still 13 miles BUT it is 3 laps of 4-4.5 miles or so, rather than the original plan of 2 laps of 6.5. Something to remember, don't think anyone wants to complete lap 2 and need to go to T2 but be waved back out for lap 3.

5. swim 530 am friday at the lake.

6. still concerned about rooming with Kevin. Max, please protect me.

7. allow me to gloat. here's a weight tracker for me since 9/29/06. It starts at 190 when I started tracking, but I was actually 194 or so earlier last year.