Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Taking the plunge

In preparation for this:

Over Memorial day I went to the friendly neighborhood pool, which, unlike the pool at the gym that I go to, has a deep end.

I decided to follow the step in method for water entry:
“STEP-IN METHOD:The step-in method is the most frequently used, and is best used from a stable platform or vessel. The divers should simply take a large step out from the platform, keeping legs in an open stride. They should try to enter the water with a slightly forward tilt of the upper body so that the force of entry will not cause the cylinder to hit the back of the head.”

Three things I found out the hard way:
1) Hold your goggles
2) Hold your nose closed
3) Don’t look down

I’m cool calm and collected, put my goggles on and ‘step into the water’, I was looking down at the time.
As I hit the water, it comes rushing up my nose – not a comfortable feeling. I touch the bottom of the pool, it’s pretty deep, and start swimming up. My goggles have created a death-grip on my face – I think because I was looking down, I struggle to take them off while spluttering to the surface. And all I can think about it – stoopid me…. What was I thinking.

Fortunately it’s early in the season, so there weren't that many people in the pool.
I guess someone has to provide the laughs for the lifeguards, though I’m sure there must have been something else going on at the time, ‘cause he couldn’t have been laughing that hard at me :)

I’ll just have to keep practicing…