Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Damn Cold Water

Well, I skipped out of town last Thursday and headed to lovely Cabo San Lucas. We had enough of the weather here and decided to go for a long weekend to Cabo. Upon getting there, first thing we did was head to the pool and grab a margarita! You have to love the pools with the swim-up bars in them, however it makes me wonder how much urine is in the pool because you see people sit there and drink and drink all day, yet never leave the pool. Now, unless these people are freaks of nature and are unlike me who has to pee every 5 minutes while drinking, I think I might venture to say that the pools with swim-up bars aren't the cleanest. Oh well, after a few margaritas I wasn't thinking about it. So, we get to the pool and I jump in. My husband looks at me and says, now why can you just get right in this pool and not the one at the gym. I told him that I was getting braver and that I was not hating the cold water as much, he believed that until he got into the pool himself and realized the pool was about 90 degrees!!!

So, after spending some time in the pool, I start asking Alex, the pool bartender, why no one swims at the beach. He informed me that the currents were very bad and that the water was cold. I asked how cold and he said around 67 degrees. Well, I decide that although I think I could probably battle those currents, after a few margaritas this is probably not the best idea. Instead I decide that we should walk down to the beach (which is about 80 stairs down) and walk the beach and I could feel the water to see how cold it is. Well, people, 67 degrees is DAMN COLD!!!!! And yes, I said DAMN THIS WATER IS COLD upon a wave hitting me. Then I tell myself to suck it up and I need to get in 55 degree water at the end of June. So, I stood there with the waves hitting my legs for all of about 5 minutes and then I thought to hell with this, I need another margarita and a warm pool. I walked back up all those steps thinking to myself, well at least this is good sandladder training!

Each day I would go to the beach and try to suck it up for a little longer letting the waves hit my legs and contrary to popular belief that you get used to it, I don't. Don't let anyone tell you different, 67 degrees is cold, even with multiple margaritas in you!!! After coming to this conclusion and after some deep thoughts about this over margaritas, I proceed to ask my husband how the hell am I going to swim in water that is 55 degrees if I can't even suck it up at 67 degrees? He just laughed and told me that I don't have much choice now and that one of you guys will probably be more than happy to shove me off the boat and once that happens there isn't much you can do besides swim!!! Great, no way out!!!

On our last day there, we decided to go snorkeling. They took us to a couple of bays in the Sea of Cortez that were calm and swimmable. We get there and the guide asks me if I would like a wetsuit. I asked him the temperature of the water and he said 70 degrees in these bays. I said, no, I should be able to handle that. Once again, wrong!!! I put my pinky toe in the water and went running back to the van to get a wetsuit. So, I get in the wetsuit and get all ready to get in the water. The guide gets in, my husband gets in, they both are waiting for me. I stand there staring at the water thinking of the coldness and then I start to go. I get up to my knees and I think, I'm doing ok, I can handle this. Then, being the clutz that I am, I proceed to take another step and trip over my own fins and flop into the water. This was not the nice slow getting into the water that I had planned!!! Yes, feel free to laugh at this point, because I will admit, I was the girl that shrieked upon falling into 70 degree water with a wetsuit on!!! Then I proceeded to say cold, cold, cold, etc. through my snorkel for about 5 minutes until I felt like I could move. After awhile, I settled down and moved about. We were in the water for about 20 minutes and I thought I was going to freeze, so I got out. As I sat there on the beach trying to warm up, all I could think was, WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO AND HOW AM I GOING TO MAKE IT IN 55 DEGREE WATER?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will post pictures later of the trip.