Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My Training Progress

Just thought I'd chime in real quick since I've been MIA up in MSP (That's Minneapolis, for the lay person). By the way, it was beautiful here last Monday, 80 degrees, this morning, it was in the low 20's with a dusting of snow and a stinging wind when I went for a little run, gotta love the great white north.

So what have I been doing compared to everyone else, let's see:

Swimming - Check
Biking - Check (only on weekends though)
Running - Check
Strength Training - Check
Stupidly Entertaining the Idea of Swimming in Lake Michigan in April - Um, Hell No!! Last I remembered, you get points for showing up at the race for having trained, not for being dumb (and/or numb). Seriously, the lake will barely be 50 degrees by June 1, what the hell are you people smoking (it must be some good stuff, btw). I think I'm planning on two open water swims before Alcatraz, both are races. Have fun at Ohio Street Beach, see you there in July!