Monday, April 30, 2007

reality check!

just got a phone call from my sister who just got back from SF. she asked if i had ever been to SF before and i said no and she said, "well, let me tell you i have never seen hills like this before in my life! i don't know how you expect to run or bike on these hills! they were insane! i was dying walking up and down them!!" i said, thanks, but i'm training so i should be ok. to which she followed up with, "whatever you are doing, you really need to start doing twice that because you are going to die on this course!" i said, thanks for the encouragement and that i'm not worried about it (even though in reality i'm scare shitless). then she said, "oh and that bay area, so wavy, really that is just dumb to swim in it, i don't know how you are going to do this?" i told her that i wasn't scared about the swim (hello, obviously i am if you even just glance at my previous posts!). then she said, "i seriously think that you should reconsider this race and just take a vacation instead!" i said, thanks, but i've been training and i'm looking forward to the race. hung up the phone with her and thought "OH SH*#!" So, I guess that was a bit of a reality check for me and my training. i've been training, but been slacking here and there, no more of that from here on out!!!!!!