Thursday, April 19, 2007

saying damn ham is fun!

damn ham, damn ham. Boy, I love saying that. It just has a ring that is so pleasing and makes me tee hee hee every time.
So, I've been adding to my gadgets/clothing collection, in preparation for this season. I recently (finally!) got a heart rate monitor, which has been fun to play with. I find myself now wondering what my heart rate is at completely random moments when I'm not wearing it. The bus just jerked to the right and I almost fell down and my heart rate spiked - I wonder what it is? Eating lunch; writing e-mails; saying damn ham to myself and laughing - wonder what % of my max I'm at now? good times.
I also got a neoprene cap, which I'm feeling extra glad about given Carolyn's last posting of her difficulty tolerating 70 degree water. It's also a good thing to have in case I ever feel like getting looks from people or getting a laugh (or maybe just also looks) from friends - just show up wearing that thing.
This sport, if nothing else, does make for a varied and interesting cache of things laying around one's house.