Monday, March 5, 2007

And now, a word re one of our sponsors ...

The services of one of our sponsors, Pyrasports (see left), is not as readily apparent as those of DeSoto or Accelerade. Here's a little bit about Pyrasports, which also is affiliated with an IT company, Pyramedium (my behind-the-scenes technical advisors). See link to Pyramedium at the Pyrasports site.

Pyrasports is web-based training software that was originally built for several schools on the West Coast. Creating an account is free (when signing up, please note that you found Pyrasports through the damnthiswateriscold blog).

On Pyrasports you will be able to record your workouts and nutritional habits, read (and submit if you want to be published) articles ranging in topics from heart rate monitors to wellness to chocolate mousse, and interact with other people who like to have a healthy lifestyle. Some users have asked if they could use the site as a substitute to but the administrator cannot comment on this.

Pyrasports is constantly adding new users and also running a few fitness challenges every now and then. A few Alcatrazers have used the software to stay on track and it's very easy to use. Check it out.