Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Serious Post?! - Hell has Frozen Over!

I know, I know. Day after day of sharp and unfiltered wit, flowing from a seemingly endless supply source, and yet today is different. I am sore and tired, but still determined with iron clad resolve to be prepared for this race and the upcoming season. Looks to be about 4 or 5 races on the horizon, including the Chicago Marathon and onward to IronMan in 2008, so those thoughts are already in play.

No, of course the silliness of my diet never really existed, ok... never really existed more than a meal or two, but I digress. I am down to 212 as of this morning, and with race day looking 90 something days away, race weight of 195 is on track to happen.

I have given up offroad, my first love, completely until after IronMan and sold the mountain bike ala eBay. I already have two medals from Xterra... lets see what happens when I hit the pavement. New road bike here in a couple weeks.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are more like scientific experiements than tasty edible meals, consisting of powders and capsuls and the occasional edible something. Everything has a purpose. I am fueling these days more than eating. My body is changing into a leaner, faster machine. I have almost completely stopped drinking - which is a good thing (see pics from Team outing as proof). This fitness thing aint too bad.

To solidify my efforts to dominate the competition (read: win free dinner) I have hired a friend who is also a level 1 coach to help my swim. That starts next week. Bike has always been solid and nothing will ever help my run, so I am doing what I feel I can.

I have adopted the motto : Joy is Life : Life is Pain : Pain is Joy