Friday, March 9, 2007

Suck it up, buttercup

Aww, Chuck, you had me at…….the Little House on the Prairie picture. If I may, I’d like to be the feisty, some would say ornery, Laura Ingalls, as opposed to the saintly Mary. Going against type, I suppose.

Stupid Tasha: Shut up about all that! Do the wager! Take ‘em all on! Wheeeeeee!
Less Stupid Tasha: Umm, no. I’m used as the Tri Club baseline for suckitude, and you want me to pretend I can beat my gungho teammates? No.
ST: Come on! No pain no gain! No guts no glory! No…
LST: Okay, enough with the inner Jane Fonda!
ST: They’re wimps! Look at Ryan with all his fancy-schmancy silly gadgets, but who still falls on his bike all the time!
LST: Umm, that’s me. I fall on my bike all the time.
ST: Never mind that! Look at Kevin and his whiskey and Girl Scout cookie diet…
LST: He’ll kick my ass on the bike. Well, even though I did order him the
mini circus bike from the bike rental place. Plus his bike horn is made out of a real lead ingot.
ST: Chuck…
LST:….swims like a fish.
ST: Carolyn…
LST: …is building a sandladder in her backyard.
ST: Max…
LST…is Russian for God’s sake! You grow up tussling with babyshki over the last jar of mayonnaise at the store, you grow up tough. He could do this in his sleep.
ST: So what! Do it!
LST: Hmm. Oh, okay, why not? I’m in on our friendly wager, folks, so bring it on.

My new motto: Embrace the Suckage!