Wednesday, March 14, 2007

NCAA Tournament Pool Dilemma

I am doing an alternate tourney pool based on which mascot would kill the other head to head. I watched "last stand of the 300" on the history channel yesterday (great documentary btw) but already had the trojans beating the spartans in round 3 but I am now am reconsidering. seeding cannot be used to determine the winner, unless it is Memphis Tigers v. BYU Tigers, for example, then you can pick the higher seed. Pitt panthers v. KY Wildcats was intriguing as well.

After the round 3 victory, I had the trojans killing a cougar (Wash St) and then a Tiger (Memphis). I'm not dumb, I did see Gladiator. Then they lose the final game to Gators. The fighters will have a tough time bc their swords would not be able to get through the hard gator skin as easily as against other animals and the flanking gator took off their legs when the trojans tried to get close enough for a headshot on the first gator.

I am now re-thinking trojans v. spartans. if the spartans beat the trojans, they will also go to the final game and lose to the gators. I think the problem for the spartans/trojans will be the reptilian attack patterns of gators and crocs. These animals are known to attack head-on while others flank and attack from the side. Flanking maneuvers were the downfall of the 300 Spartans. These attack patterns have been passed down from reptilian ancestors, the dinosaurs and was explained in detail in Michael Crichton's Jurassaic Park novel (not the movie), as well as other studies.

Man to man power spartans v. trojans, prob edge to spartans. Cunning, edge trojans, after all, they had the horse to trick opponents, while the spartans (thru no fault of own, their rear defense provided by another force caved) got outflanked. Spartans though heroic lost their key battle but the trojans won theirs. What do you think? I am thinking of switching to the Spartans bc this is a one-on-one matchup and it seems the spartans would dominate such a fight. Thus, my pick has been changed to the Spartans !!

Yes, I know I just said one-on-one but I also said that the final game is decided on pack attack patterns of gators. Reason: I can see a Gator-Spartan one-on-one matchup to be much of a stalemate. The Spartans establish their defensive wall and wait for the attack and counter, while gators attack as packs as well. I can see them just staring at each other across the battle field. Thus, we move the contest to a fight bw many spartans (or trojans) and gators.

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Here's the pool, listing the Spartans as the winner v. the Trojans. You need to click on it to enlarge to see the macots written in. There are a couple of interesting picks, such as:

1. controversial calls: (a) Buckeye beating a Devil, but it could have been the infamous poisonous buckeye, while the Cougar then crushes the buckeye ambivalently on his way to a real meal, (b) tarheel over colonel (I really have no idea, I guess that little harheel guy looks scrappy, and the colonel is probably an old guy nearing retirement), (c) I had jayhawk over an eagle in the attached, but that made no sense at all, so it has been changed since I scanned it in. Of course, Bill Self is always a candidate for a 1st round loss, so it made the 16-1 upset a little more palatable.

2. toss-ups: (a) hoya v. bruins, both dogs (b) vol v. 49'er, (c) commodore v. colonel, (d) crusader v. Illini indian tribe, (e) wilcats (KY) v. panther (Pitt)

3. easy calls: (a) anyone against a Quaker, (b) anyone against a turtle (Terp), (c) rebel (unlv) kills badger (wi), then also shoots an eagle (winthrop) out of the sky, (d) anyone against that little damn leprechaun, (e) L'Ville Cardinals v. Stanford Cardinal (yes, singular, stands for the color cardinal red and the mascot is a tree). Edge 'Ville, the birds crap on the tree and there's nothing the tree can do about it (unless it's one of those Lord of the Rings trees).

"In the interest of full disclosure: I went to USC. That said, the Trojans will beat all comers. We will break NCAA rules (Reggie Bush), we will take ballroom dancing (Matt Leinart), we will give scholarships to the most overrated of all hoopsters (Harold Miner, "Baby Jordan"). Nothing will stand in our way!!"