Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Return from Exile

First off, many many thanks to my friends and family who sent flowers and notes of well wishes. The doctors tell me I seem to be fine and all normal brain function is back. Motor skills are still a bit weak, but I was given the all clear to begin working out again.

It seems the Hostess Cupcake / RedBull diet I had been developing after failed attempts with the White Castle Nutritional Plan and a rather quick plateau with the FlufferNutter sandwiches, had sent my blood sugar levels through the roof and me into a sugar coma. Two weeks in intensive care at the Illinois Institute for Sports and Genetic Research have me back on my feet and ready for action. Thanks guys! That being said, I am way behind in training, life ... and posting here. God knows I need my back waxed like nobody's business. Oops... did I just type that?

OK, so just a note to say hello again to my team, who so generously and thoughtfully sent me jack shit in my absense - except for Tasha. Dear Tasha, thank you for the joke-a-day in Russian.
That was very thoughtful. While I couldn't understand a word they were saying, those husky, peasant-stock women sure do LOOK funny. You're the best!

Big props to my man Jason at Get a Grip, who supposedly reads this blog on a regular basis and gives as good a "straight man to another straight man" hug there is. Much luv, bro.

Now if you'll exuse me, there's a Hostess Twinkie that requires my attention.