Friday, March 23, 2007

lots o' ironmen/women

I am pretty sure Ryan's doing an IM this year. Tasha and Heather are also doing one 2007. Kevin's talking about 2008. Unsure about Max or Annette. I know Carolyn and I are doing 1/2 IM this year. That's a lot of serious thoughts. Kudos to everyone.

ok, looking to the new trend of workout posts, I'll try to be brief. I am no longer in the optimal physical condition from the days I played football, but I'm trying


did trainer last sunday am (120 min long ride became 60 min bc the kids' stomach issues and/or flu hit me). I realized this re flu shots: while of course it doesn't protect against all strains, even the protected ones can hit you to a small extent (bad upset stomach, etc) while the rest of the house is puking. A little more trainer this week, I do trainer only during the week, outside on weekends only (if nice out, read: the bike has not been outside yet this year)


- Weights wednesday. It hurt.

3. RUN

I am quite sure that I am not as accomplished a runner as Rick Deckard

or Ben Richards

or Logan 5,

... but I am getting better. I did a 7-8 miler (can't remember) at slow pace last week. was fine. Ran today faster and shorter, still at 9:00 min miles at best but feeling better. I realized after reading ChiRunning that I already leaned fwd as they said and dropped foot below me rather than in front, so I was pretty good to go. Read a Chris Legh article in Triathlete years ago re a style good for bad knees and adopted it and it's similar to Chi:

1. lean 10 degrees fwd or so, feeling as if pulled from belly button (exactly Chi)
2. high rpm's (like Chi)
3. low upper body movement (differs from Chi bc Chi says movement is good so long as driven by core)
4. land middle foot (like Chi)
5. push off with calves, light on feet (unlike Chi which goes easy on calves and looks for a fast shuffle of sorts). As to this aspect, the Legh is MUCH better on the knees than Chi, more cushion. Tends to cramp calves in long races (13.1m as part of a 1/2 or 26.2m as part of anything) but ok for shorter.

I guess I just have to up the cardio and fitness to go faster. I used to turn 8:00 min miles when I was in better shape so it's possible. We'll see. I am done with it if anyone wants the Chi book.


(that picture is not me, but it IS what I am one chesseburger away from)

I am happy to announce that I plan on swimming this week for the first time whatsoever since 8/27/06 (Accenture). This means that my 100 time is probably 1-2 seconds less, but also means that I will get out of the water 50% more tired. Ugh. I had mentioned earlier that I wanted to start swimming in Lake Mich starting 5/1. I am out of town 5/1 but just marked Friday 5/4 at 6:00 am. (MARK YOUR CALENDARS) I did it as a recurring weekly entry through Friday 6/15 (I won't be downtown 6/22, will be on plane) and realized that's ONLY 7 DATES !! Not enough. last time, I had at least 15 lake swims in before alcatraz. Need to figure out another time, maybe 2 total per week, maybe a set time or randomly meet from time to time. I can do another am but for the most part not after work.