Thursday, March 8, 2007

thanks for the good news and bad news

Chuck, thanks for the info. Good news...10k rather than 7.5miles. Bad news...sandladder in the middle of the run which was exactly what I was fearing! Oh well, should be interesting at the a couple of miles, jump off, run over to the stair machine, do the stair machine for a bit, jump off, run back to the treadmill, and run some more.

In regards to the sandladder, having done it before, can you give us some more information on it? how long is it? is it actually in sand or are there established stairs? are you in a dune? i don't quite get it. thanks!

It's a mix of railroad ties as kinda steps with maybe 6-12" between them and some sections of soft sand w/o the ties. I can't remember which comes first, the soft sand or the ties. These pix LOOK LIKE the soft sand is first ...

Here are the ties

this is a good picture too, and it LOOKS LIKE the ties go all the way to the beach, but the other pix seem to show soft sand to the beach. I think this one is an opitical illusion, the sand next to the ties looks very close and the sand texture at the beach looks really far away. I seem to recall trudging for a while in soft sand to what I thought was the top at a serious incline, but what I thought was the top was only a change to a less steep incline and this change looked like the top of the hill from below bc you couldn't see the top half bc of the lip. makes sense then in this pic of the ties that it looks like a drop off at the end, but I think that it is only a change to a more steep pitch after the drop off. I think those 2 people at the front of this picture are looking at a steeper decline rather than walking onto the beach