Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Put the crackpipe down, part III

Considering that the water temperature of Lake Michigan is now 33 degrees, and since Schleprock (me) rolled into town today bringing with her the 40 degree plunge in temps, I'm thinking it's not going to warm up that much between now and next Friday, the 6th.

So put me in the "you people are on drugs" camp along with JockDoc and Chunky. Though I might bundle up in a parka with fur-lined hood (SOME of us know how to dress appropriately for the weather) so that I can take pictures of you fool.....umm, I mean INTREPID SOULS: Zhivago, Sharkbait, C-Monkey, and I'm sure Peabody will be leading your little indestructible TriBorg clan. But in the interests of galaxial unity, I'll bring the thermoses (thermi?) of hot chocolate...........for you and all our little penguin friends.