Monday, March 26, 2007


(first, Kevin, yes I forgot little Ren of Ren & Stimpy. please accept my apologies. If you cannot, I request that the punishment be held under 10 floggings)

I think May 4 is too long to wait to get into the lake. I am moving the (or at least my) start date up to FRIDAY APRIL 6 at 6:00 am

Let's coordinate by email. We don't need everyone there every week (but I'll probably be there) but we should at least make sure we have a wingman/woman since it's a little dangerous at these temps to be out there alone.

On a related note re cold temperatures, I watched this with the boys on Saturday night. Good flick. If you're not familiar with Mr. Freeze, he wears the suit to stay cold inside it bc he can't be warm. Mr. Freeze in the movie would on ocassion swim in arctic water temps without the suit with his friends the polar bears (depicted). Rest assured, I WILL be wearing my wetsuit in the Lake.