Thursday, March 15, 2007

Discussion/Debate continues

Well, it seems that this conversation has digressed (rather, progressed) into an actual discussion/debate of sorts. re the "Great American sports spectator mentality", and the hours of one's life lost analyzing sports and indulging in "chips and soda and/or beer," I have some comments:

1. Hours of one's life can be wasted in various ways, at one's own discretion. If one chooses to analyze basketball for fun, so be it. If one chooses to analyze fast motorcycles based upon a personal interest when this person does not own a motorcycle, so be it. Similarly, when I was young I had a personal interest in firetrucks and the space shuttle, though I did not own any. Not having time to relax and watch a game or movie or quality tv show is really in many cases a personal choice of what someone would rather do, which can include going to bars, reading a book or (say it ain't so) a lot of blogging.

2. I am pretty sure that I did not suggest that I approved wasting away the hours sitting on my couch with chips and soda and/or beer. Rather, I may even do a trainer session during tonight's game.

3. Even if I WAS going to enjoy the game with chips and soda and/or beer, and partake in this activity for, say, 3 hours, I am seeking an explanation as to how this differs from pizza, beer and sambuca for 3 hours. Clarification, I am not against pizza, beer and sambuca, I am just seeking explanation on how one activity is condemned or criticized by a person who partakes in the other. Pot, meet kettle. Here's lookin' at you, kid ...

I suppose then you've never gone to a bar to watch a game and have a few beers, which is no different (and definitely has more potential for mayhem) than watching at home with a couple of beers.