Thursday, March 8, 2007


Wow, Chuck, you’re bringing us down by dissing the cheez doodles. Just….wow. What’s next – a vitriolic attack on my Thighmaster Route to Kona plan? Here we are, Kev and I, just trying to live the dream, and you’ve gotta be dragging us back to earth. With a thud. Sad.

I guess I was also under the radical impression that people read this blog in order to be entertained, and not for long discourses on our training methods and routines. I could be wrong on that, I suppose – I’ve been known to be almost wrong before, I think, at some point in my life, not that I can recall that at the moment. I mean, we COULD do that on a daily basis, post our daily workouts – but that would just be stealing Ryan’s thunder, his niche, his raison d’etre…..and how unfair would that be? Plus it would be….let’s see, what words am I looking for…..oh yeah: boring as shit. And God help anyone seriously looking to our training for guidance. I guess we COULD keep talking about how scary the sand ladder is (it’s steep! It’s sandy!), but I’m thinking that might wear a little thin by June, and oh yeah, it would be…….boring as shit.

So, maybe Kevin and I can continue to amuse ourselves by posting our “attempted humor,” and you and Carolyn can post whatever earnest thoughts pop into your heads, and we can all coexist peacefully. What say?