Thursday, March 8, 2007

Women of the World, Unite!

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day of course, and I’m posting this sufficiently early as a reminder to all the men out there to hit the flower shops early in order to get the best selection, before everything gets picked over and there are only bedraggled petunias left. I’m sure you’re all aware of this holiday’s customs, whereby women get to sit around and eat bonbons all day, while the men not only do everything around the house, but are also required to give flowers to not just their main squeeze, but random women on the street as well. Or potted plants – een old country I was once given a plant, so those are okay too.

Btw, Kev, I’m glad you liked the pictures…but…..umm…..those actually went with the marriage proposals, not the joke-a-day. I, uh, guess I should have been clearer on that. And, I think you accidentally replied to one of them, because Lyuba has asked me to tell you that she’ll be arriving in 2 weeks, and she’s really really looking forward to celebrating her 30th birthday with you.

My bad….