Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I switched my home browser to Firefox. That shit's fast. If you're used to Internet Explorer, it's not much of a switch to use it. IE6 is slow and IE7 has some glitches. Check it out. And, of course, it's also the name of a great 1982 timeless classic movie. I can't put it better than this reviewer at IMDb:

A movie so bad, it's brilliant! I remember watching Firefox as a child and being spellbound, as an adult however I watch with an ever increasing sense of hilarity, I think that Eastwood made this film with his tongue firmly in his cheek.The hi-jinks begin when a burnt out Vietnam vet is recruited to steal a new Russian jet, selected purely for his ability to speak Russian, he then proceeds to go to Russia, disguised as a drug dealer, who is already in the country (no passport control in the Rodina?) the poor old dealer is bumped off to the immortal line, "They have killed him Vasily, they have killed Mr Leon Spragg!" The scene is cut before Vasily's reaction can be noted, but it is probably hysterical laughter at his comrades accent. And speaking of accents, Clint walks about dressed in a soviet airbase, in a soviet uniform, and nobody even blinks at his American twang, the Firefox itself, far from being the superior warplane, looks like it was modelled on a pregnant duck, made by airfix and painted with a tin of cheap matt black paint. The rest of the film is a chase sequence, with the obligatory flashback, but needless to say that it all worked out OK! Not Clint's finest hour, but a good way to kill a couple of hours if you are bored!