Friday, February 2, 2007

Thank you, Chuck

...for changing those awful colors. I hope my headache goes away sometime in this millenium.

Ryan, Ryan……’s okay, you don’t have to pretend with us, you’re among…….people. Who want something to giggle at. This 150 yards of swimming thing? That’s my schtick, so go find your own.

Just for yucks, this morning I decided to figure out exactly how many laps in Le Pool are the equivalent of 1.5 miles, i.e. our Alcatraz swim. A few calculations and…….53 laps?? Gulp. Maybe, just maybe, I need to ramp up a bit more quickly from my current 6x50s. Or maybe Kevin could get off his lazy ass and fix the problems in the Neutron Extraction Propulsion Engine, which is supposed to help us get across the Bay more quickly. Sigh. Why do *I* always have to do all the heavy lifting among this team?? You’d think my building the prototype from 3 sprigs of twine, 6 packs of chewing gum, and spare parts from my garage would be enough, but noooooooo. Now I’m supposed to make it actually run. That’s just great.

So there was an article in yesterdays’ WSJ about a new type of exercise storming the nation: Nordic walking. From what I can tell, it involves walking around using ski poles.
Hence the “Nordic.” Since it’s specifically targeted towards the “overweight and feeble” (hey! no smartass comments on that, okay?), I’m thinking this could fit nicely into my TRotoK plan, no? Since I have ski poles in the basement, I’ll dig them out later and give this a shot. Will report back. Looks like I can also multitask with the poles, use them for all sorts of exercise. Yeah, I'll show YOU core fitness, VQ. Hmph.

(serious moment) By the way, to Chuck’s point about Walter Payton and organ donation, a lot of people don’t realize that the law about this changed in IL about a year ago, as of 1/1/06. If you signed up to be a donor under the old system, i.e. by signing the back of your driver’s license, they’d still need family consent to do anything. But, if you go here, to the State of IL’s site to re-register online, you’ll fall under the new law, which means that your wishes regarding organ donation will be respected. So, no one else will be making those decisions for you. (serious moment over)