Thursday, February 15, 2007

why my fear of sharks is totally logical

so, i know you have all said that there is no reason to be scared of sharks in the bay and also there are so many other swimmers out there that the chances of me getting picked out of the bunch is slim to none.

now, let me tell you why you are all wrong. you will quickly learn that i am the one that always has the random shit happen to her...the one that if something is tossed into a crowd of people i will be the only one hit.

today, after parking my car in the garage on Madison street downtown, i proceed to start walking down madison the short two blocks to my office. as i'm at the corner of madison and lasalle, out of no where i get nailed in the head! i scream, people run over to see if i'm ok. in the crowd of people standing there during rush hour, i'm the only one who gets nailed with a chunk of ice falling off the top of the building. yep, my friend who was right next to me didn't get hit, no one else got hit, just me. you can all stop laughing now. i'm fine, i have a lump on my head and my scalp is a bit cut up, but no big problems.

so, today's episode, which is not the first time something like this has happened to me, just reaffirmed my belief that if something random is going to happen in a crowd of people, i'm going to bear the brunt of it all. as a result, my fear of sharks and getting attacked is completely logical in my book based upon this theory!

have a great day everyone!