Monday, February 19, 2007

I miss aid stations

So, I went running outside this morning for the 1st time since the Frozen Bogey (that's just over 3 wks). It made my lungs say WTF!! (and it wasn't even that cold out) after several weeks of this namby-pamby running on treadmills in 70 degrees for 5 mins, at which point I get horribly bored. Maybe I should try the Rocky Balboa approach to running on treadmills; seemed to work for Tasha's gym buddy. Anyway, I also found myself longing for the friendly and cheerful aid station at the F.Bogey. I realize that during the summer, doing races every other weekend, I get jaded and start to take the cheerful aid stations for granted. I am relieved come Sept/Oct to be out there, just me 'n' nature. I can block out the other runners and the car noise from Lake Shore. But then, the days get shorter, the air gets colder, and the yen for the aid station grows again. I've decided I'm gonna hire a sherpa. The sherpa's job is to set up aid stations along my running route, and speedily jet amongst them as I progress, setting up a variety of beverages and treats as well as providing cheerful encouragement. Maybe cowbell would be asking too much, but I'm gonna ask it anyway. So, keep your eyes out kids, for me 'n' my sherpa and our kick ass aid stations.