Sunday, February 18, 2007

Without further ado...

“How YOU doin’?”

“Listen, pal, you either put your foot in your mouth, or we’ll do it for you.”

“Yes, I brought my goggles, see?”

“No pictures, I’m sooooo shy….”

“Well, okay, just this once.”

“What ees thees? Een my country….”

“It’s pizza, you idiot. Tasty and refreshing, even I know that.”

“I’m looking chipper, but we’re still throwing him in the river later, right?”

“So Eva, I don’t understand why you keep telling me you’re too busy to go out.”

“Past my bedtime…”

“You know what, Heather, you’re okay.” “You know what, Tasha, you’re okay too.”

“Max, don’t tell her, but her goggles are on top of her head.”

“Sure, we look like fish, but the goggle placement probably explains why we have such problems with the whole swimming thing…”

“Chuck, I’m sooooo looking forward to rooming with you in SF…”

“So, about this roommate thing…”

Carolyn: “Help me someone, please help me…”

“Chuck, you got me into this. We need to talk.”

“Oh sure, I’m laughing now, but you’re a dead man.”

“Sho yea I do twiathons – yous gotsh a pwobwem wit dat?”

“Okay, okay, I admit it, this is just my way of flirting with you…”

“Ah, she fell for my ‘tired’ act. Another night, another bosom. Sweet.”

We finally learn the truth about what happened to Ed Grimley….

“Yeah, you had better keep drinking, Chuck. You’re a dead man.”

Max at least figured out the goggle thing….

“Ah, at last, at last…..”

“hey, didn’t I tell you how shy I am?”

Heather: “Behold, the parmesan cheese.” Chuck: “Well, technically from a legal standpoint, it is only cheese from the Parmigiano region in Italy that…….”

“Chuck, shut up with the legal stuff. Don’t make me have to hurt you….”

“Dead. Man.”

Not sure San Francisco is ready.....