Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Mardi Gras! ! !

New Orleans was good fun, we ended up next to a lovely family chatting away and having a good time, but lets face it, it’s all about the schwag.

Among the Schwag collected at the Zulu parade today:
* Beads – loads and loads of beads
* Skiping rope – not sure why someone decided to hand that to me – I decided the little 5 year old next to me would make better use of it
* Roses – Yip I got handed a material rose, well not really handed, it was thrown to me, and the guy on the float was so determined to get me one, he threw 3 of them one at a time – I was going to yell interference as the gal next to me kept bumping them away...
* A Coconut – yes I got handed a Zulu coconut, by a real Zulu. more on that later.
* Garter – yip made eye contact with the 60 year old that threw it to me, I blew him a kiss.
All in all a good Schwag day, most of this was handed over to the family whom apparently store their Schwag in boxes in the garage… all this time I was wondering what people do with all of the stuff.

Mardi Gras ingredients:

Hope you had a fun Mardi Gras!

(Unfortunately no attractive young lads)