Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Onward to Victory...

So the White Castle thing didn't work out.

A note to all you young triathletes out there... training plans that come along with a fast food meal... you got it.... not such a good idea.

So back to the drawing board I went - and I do believe I have found the perfect training fuel that will propel me to accomplish my goals in San Fran.


Thats' right. FlufferNutter Sandwiches. That childhood delicasy really gives me the umph I need to blast through some tough 5 x 100 swim sets and grueling 1o minutes jogs. Though for insurance, if I'm gonna ride the bike, say 7 -10 minutes, I gotta throw in a 20 oz.'er of Mountain Dew, you know to get me over the hump...

Good news is, I'm down to 302 lbs. and the body acne has cleared up. I'll be all set for the Borat style swim suit in NO TIME!