Friday, February 9, 2007

George Bush sings U2 and other lunchtime tunes

Lunchtime surfing. this is amazing. never knew GW had the talent.

If you're a U2 fan though, this one is great. Love ... the ... hair (and clothes).

Or, this version of One, which was meant to be a funny song actually sung at the announcement of the MBNA/Bank of America merger, but the guy really really really took it too seriously, possibly the all-time high of unintentional comedy (actually, an odd twist to unintentional comedy, something intended to be comedy, but the performer decided to make it serious, thus ending up unintentionally comedic).

One more, one of my all time favorites. The backstory of this one is that Springsteen did an MTV performance maybe at an award show with the Wallflowers back when the Wallflowers were a hot band in the mid-90's. Springsteen came out to perform with them and just absolutely blew Jacob Dylan and their big song away. You kinda feel bad for Dylan, after all, he had his dad's soft mellow voice and the first chorus Bruce just drowned him out, can't even hear Jacob (wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, 1:05 mark, here IT COMES !!). Round 2, Jacob stayed in the game by just yelling in a voice that sounds nothing like his singing voice. Clearly looks like Bruce backed off and lowered the volume after that, maybe he realized what was happening, singing Dylan's song better than Dylan. And, helllllo !! Bruce hasn't forgotten how to strum that guitar. Maybe the coolest 50-something ever. Well, except Indiana Jones, see below, but he's fictional. Today's theme seems to be: "approaching-40 Chuck trying to convince himself he's not that old by demonstrating that 50-something guys are still cool (in limited circumstances)." It seems that male rockers seems to age pretty well (Bruce, Bono), while those who don't (Stones, Aerosmith) still rock pretty well and all of them have have been big for 3-4 generations. Not so much with the female performers, you don't see the younglings nowadays clamoring to get into the Streisand concert. Believe it or not, this was soooooo hot in the 70's