Thursday, February 22, 2007

See What Happens?

See? Yeah I sold a bunch of girl scout cookies for my daughter. Uh huh. And now after downing a full box of Thin Mints (I am convinced these contain some form of edible crack or other highly addictive substance) and a 20 oz. Mountain Dew, I am wide awake. It's 12:40 am. What the hell? Mytraining and nutrition plan called for 3 Fluffernutters and an MD at 11 pm. So what, I substituted a box of Thin Mints. Same nutritional value! So here I am, eyes wide open, preparing mentally for another tough morning swim. That's right people, a full on 10 x 100m.
Don't even begin to fill my email accounts with how ball-busting tough I am. I already know. Last night's 10 minute jog on the indoor track still has me a bit fatigued and my legs are thanking me for it, trust me. But I am made of steel (or at least aluminum foil) and onward I

I am thinking about incorporating Tasha's idea of the Thigh Master into my training. Sure. Tony Little's Gazelle is fine and all, but I seem to have plateaued at about 4-5 minutes. What's the point of being on this thing after that? I just get all sweaty, and who needs that?! Yuk!

On a lighter note, my new race shorts I ordered online arrived. Yes, I ordered one size smaller than I really am, so that should give me some incentive to get into race shape fast. Heck, I'll be down to XXXL in nooo time! And damn if I won't be HOT!
Ladies, did I happen to mention I'm SINGLE?