Monday, February 12, 2007

no need to worry :)

Tasha, that's pretty funny. I realize that the compilation of the posts are rather bad and now looking back make our relationship look a little strange, however Webber is a great guy and knows that sometimes I just need a little push to get going. He claims that I'm a worry wort and that I out think myself (which I know I do), so he knows that I can do these things and then just gives me the little push that I need to get over the mental block! However, in regards to the taking a photo rather than helping me up, he was in the chateau bow-wow for that one! He claims it was a kodak moment and it was hysterical, i told him it wasn't hysterical from my view! In the end he did help me up, but 3 snowboarders who had stopped to take a break by where we were on the mountain all said, "Dude, look, he is taking a picture rather than helping her out!!! Woah dude, I can't believe that!" Although there were moments I thought he was trying to kill me, it was a fun trip and to answer the question, no changes in insurance policies otherwise I would really have to rethink things!! Ha-ha!!!