Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fresh Out of the Chunky Funk

Phrase for the day: "If you can't beat em'... you're not using the right blunt object."

OK, well let it be known, and I know you all love me for this, but the day after our little outing. Uh huh... NO HANGOVER.
That's right people, God had blessed me with the ability to not get headaches or be terribly slowed by being completely hammered the night before. I also however, and also given the torturous ability to remember everything in complete detail even when all motor skills after said drinks are completely useless. That being said, I enjoyed - AND REMEMBERED - everything about last Friday night. So, Ms. Cradle Robber and Ms. "No, really - for Hockey...", thank you for many laughs as I watched you get trashed and do your thing.

So this week is off to a slow start, and I had a kind of mediocre workout this evening, but I think the cobwebs are finally blowing out. Had my vitals checked the other day. BP is 110/70 and resting HR is 60. OK, I'm dead. No - just all these Fluffernutters and Mountain Dew lunched starting to pay off! Damn! I've got a picture of me from 2 years ago and trust me, you don't want to se it. YIKES. So the triathlon thing... yeah. Uh oh. Hey. What's that smell? Is it hot in here? Do you smell that? Oh , hey it's just me, and I'm smokin'!