Friday, February 2, 2007

New Blog Colors, Go Bears

I know we have a couple of people here in their mid-20's, meaning this is their first real Bears superbowl experience. When I started getting into football, Dick Butkus, Gale Sayers, Jim Brown, OJ Simpson, etc. were out or on their way out so all I got from my father was "you shoulda seen [insert name], he was amazing." I did have the opportunity to see Walter Payton in his prime from the mid-70's until the mid-80's, in my opinion the best all-around football player ever. Well, for those who don't remember 1985 all too well or just want to see it again, here's me being an old codge saying "these guys were the best, you shoulda seen ..." Here are some good videos:

1985 Bears, part 1 here
1985 Bears, part 2 here

In part 2, the NFC Championship starts at about 4:10, I love the bit about it starting to snow during the biggest play, not before, not after, during. Was the best sporting event I ever attended, despite the bitter bitter cold.

And an homage to Walter, not to be missed, very sad and inspirational. Died of organ failure medically, but in reality died because no suitable organ donors died for several months even though he was the top of the list, a sad indictment of organ donor participation in this country.

Bears win Super Bowl, nobody stood a chance against the 46 Defense, especially Tony Eason:

Classic Walter over the top touchdown:

... and sadder days, coping with the realization that his career is over during a playoff loss:

and for those of you who don't think the Bears can win Sunday, I give you Da Coach: