Tuesday, January 23, 2007

cross training

phew, after 4 days out of town, the blog has grown and grown. I must compliment Kevin on my new favorite word - smartassery. I was ready to fight, but then you said I weigh 105. Now, that is hilarious. Anyway, inspired by Annette's week at surf school, I took a windsurfing crash (ha!) course. I did crash, but only into the water, so it was fine. Dudes, wind surfing is fun! And a full body workout to boot. To gloat for just 1 second, imagine the scene - upper 70s, sunny, good breeze, just off Key Biscayne in Miami...twas glorious. I recommend. It was also helpful in debunking my fears a wee bit. I wasn't out in the middle of the ocean or anything, but I was definitely not hovering near the beach either. I realized that I was so focused on the task at hand (getting back on that damn board) that I hadn't really thought at all abt any sea life or ingesting too much salt water or whatever. I have a feeling that once we get there, get in the water, and have to go, we'll be paying far too much attention to getting to the other side to think too much abt the scary stuff. This is what I'm telling myself and no one shall present any evidence to the contrary!