Monday, January 22, 2007

The dangers of working in an office

So early last week, I'm transferring some files from a computer at my client onto a USB device and as I'm squatting down and reaching behind the computer, I feel a painful sensation in my lower back. Sure enough, it hurt when I stood up too. I did attempt one run last week, without it getting any worse. I spent most days trying to find the perfect sitting position so I could sit pain free. I didn't go to a doctor b/c my girlfriend is in med school and she's good at fixing stuff like that. As she's diagnosing my lower back problem over the weekend, she proceeds to say "ouch", as in that must really hurt. What did she find out, my sacrum (tailbone) was bent slightly sideways and my pelvis was shifted (left side higher than right side). Absolutely amazing, all that comes from reaching behind a computer. Good news, the pain is less now, but I'm opting out of the frozen bogey half marathon this weekend, I'll do the half, but as a training run, not a race (read: SLOW).