Monday, January 22, 2007

Tasha, Really? Oh My Virgin Eyes!


All is well and good in my camp, never fear. I just meant this morning's post would be the starting point for things to come for this week. As it is Monday, I just 'aint feelin' it. Just have faith that I will be kicking ass by this Friday.

Since we are on the subject of bathing suits, My good friend Tami tells me that the model suit she is wearing here (see right) , identitcal to the one you propose to swim in, does not keep her very warm in those types of temperatures. I offer this only as a friend and fear for your health, if not the ability for the guys swimming around you to maintian focus. I know you are bootilicious and all, but for goodness sake, we guys don't need any more drag than we can afford.

(Tami's assets have been
covered here to keep this PG rated).

Me on the other hand... with my peasant stock mediocre looks and an estheician on speed dial, I doubt any of the chicas will be checkin' me out for long, so no harm in wearing my tribute to my slavik brother-in-arms, Borat.