Tuesday, January 23, 2007

two bay swims?!

wait a minute, a saturday swim in the bay?! who thought of this one?! chuck, i will be right there with you onshore unless somone shoves me into the bay on saturday for a swim in addition to the shove off the ferry for the race!

i really like the idea of being so focused at the task at hand that you forget about everything else theory! i will try this theory for the race and hope to overcome my fear. maybe this will be the trick that works. one trick i was told once was to sing songs in my head during the swim and i would forget about everything else except the song and getting to the finish line. well, in case anyone else is going to try this theory, it didn't really work. so, on to the next trick!

oh and i jumped in the pool this weekend without even doing my usual 5 minute routine to get in!! progress!!!