Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Heating things up...

Quoting Kevin: "...unless by complete 'accident' or drunken misadventure..."

Hmm. (weighty pause, as everyone starts looking around, whistling nonchalantly, etc.)

Dare I say it, that's not exactly setting the bar too high, now is it......

And Kevin, what is this "training" you speak of? I assume you're also incorporating the Thighmaster, like I am? If you'd like, I can email you a copy of my training plan: "My Thighmaster and Me: the Road to Kona." Oh, no need to thank me. :-) Happy to help.

Carolyn, good call on the global warming idea.....if I combine the Nessie Propulsor with some simple thermonuclear equations.......(wanders off, mulling just how many therms it would take to get the Bay water to 81 degrees.....)