Thursday, January 18, 2007

Point, Counter Point

Uh, yeah, Chuck, Mr. Swimmer Guy. All well and good.

Me? I'm thinkin'... hmmm. Sand ladder. Looks tough. But heck, if I get tired... I just stop, park my fat ass on one of those beauties, work on my tan, wave to some fellow racers, probably Heather, since she'll be behind me (most of the way at least), and then when I'm nice and rested, carry on.

Now, during the swim, hmmm. I get tired... oh, ok... I'll just pull over and... stop.... and...go Leo.... in.... Titanic.

Uh, no.

So lets recap:
Sand ladder: Tough.
Swim: Holy Shit!

BTW: I swam with wild dolphins and they are totally cool and not interested in you in the least.

And hey, Dan Quayle, you don't spell Dolphin with an e. Nice job.