Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Route

After Annette's post, I did some looking to try to figure out elevations/route/etc. If you don't want to know, then don't read. If you do, read on.

This is our bike course for our race, the Escape from the Rock. You can see it shows no elevations. This is the bike/run course for the similar Escape from Alcatraz, with elevations, bike route is in blue, run is in red. You need to click on that link and then click on "course map" on the left menu to get the map. It's tough to read, but if you go to the printable pdf, it's readable there. The main difference b/w these races is that Alcatraz has an 18 mile single-loop bike route, while our race has a 2 loops of approx. 6.5 miles each. Aside from the drop to Baker beach on the run, our run is very similar to a single loop on our bike route, so basically we'll do 3 loops over the same course, 2 on the bike and then 1 on the run. This loop is very similar to the red run route in the Escape from Alcatraz, so that map above is where you can see the topography of our loop.

At the bottom the page that has the topography, there are some other good aerials of the other race course. Here is the aerial of the sandladder climb from Baker Beach, which is the same in both races.