Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Round 1 goes to Chuck

I concede.

Since no one on this trip, unless by complete accident or drunken misadventure, will see that part of me, there can be no compare and contrast, and so all is well. Chuck, I defer to your omincience on such subjects. Please accept my apology.

Thank you Tasha, for that stirring rendition of my dating life where I acutally spend (waste?) time with someone with an apparent IQ of less than 100. You know me all too well.

And hey, where the hell are Carolyn, Annette and Heather? Heather especially, being all Ms. Smartypants at the last meeting I saw her at. Let's go girls, it aint a complete blog experience unless we all pull our weight.

Tomorrow's post from me: actual training stuff! Yes, I'm training! Who knew?!