Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dearest Kevin...

1. I think you have it all reversed. You say that this "condition" is not something you want women to know about, but it seems to me that a strapping single lad like yourself (from the waist up at least) would want this condition to be well-known so that you are not scrambling to explain it like George Costanza. Or, it may be a handy excuse to use as "uh, hon, I ... uh ... just took a cold shower" even if, in fact, you had not.

2. Remember that as administrator you need to be nice to me. I have the ability - no joke - to modify the text of any of your posts. I can amend text in various outrageous ways and still have it seem to be your post including, but not limited to, saying things such as (a) "I am only doing this race to see Max in lycra" or (b) "I am going to ride my bike faster than Ryan, he's a complete wuss." Consider yourself warned.