Wednesday, January 31, 2007


kevin, in regards to montana, well that would be my husband (the guy in the picture with me on the blog). as a wedding gift, his uncle gave us a trip out to whitefish, montana to do some skiing! really thoughtful gift and all, but the only problem is that i never skied before this past weekend! my husband thought i was kind of joking and that i had skied before as a kid, but then he realized that i hadn't and thought oh SH*T and thus why i ended up at wilmot on saturday. i'm banking on there being a lot of powder to soften my falls! oh and did i mention that the chair lifts at wilmot scared the crap out of me! the instructor then informed me that the chair lifts in montana would be a lot higher and i started rethinking what i'm doing going on this trip! the only saving grace might be that the place we are staying also has non-skiing sports that i could partake in if the skiing doesn't go as planned. among these sports is dog sled/mushing which i think might be rather amusing! i promise to come back with some pictures if i do that! and if all sports fail for me there is one thing that i know that i will be great at, apres ski! yes, i know that i have no problems sitting in a bar having cocktails!

yes, i am starting to realize that between this montana trip and this goofy triathlon thing i may be a little nuts, but you are not far behind me as you signed up to swim in freezing cold water with crazy sea lions and sharks and then subject yourself to the rest of the course including the sandladder!