Tuesday, January 30, 2007

my attempt at preparing for the sandladder!

so, this morning i force myself to get up bright and early and workout because i have come to realize that unless i workout in the AM before work, i'm not going to get a workout in because of how late i've been getting home lately. i walk outside and prepare myself for the walk to the gym (3 blocks) and then i turn around and walk right back inside because it was so damn cold! got the keys to the car and pulled the ultimate lazy ass move and drove the 3 blocks to the gym. hey, at least i got there! decided instead of running or something else, i would attempt the stair machine, the one with the rotating stairs, and thus begin my training for the lovely sandladder. well, let's just say i have a long way to go! that thing was hard and i was huffing and puffing and dripping with sweat! all throughout the workout all i could think is, "what in the hell did i get myself into? and i wonder if there is a way around the sandladder on the race course?" i have come to the realization that i have a long way to go to master this sandladder thing and i have a feeling that stairmaster might be my new best friend/worst enemy!