Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hey look, an actual post re working out

Today I hit the weights for the first time in over a month. Reason for the delay - I am 95% sure that I had a broken hand which did not allow me to grip much of anything. I avoided weights bc I could not hold bar or the handles on any machines and also couldn't put any weight on it for some core stuff (lifting the kids hurt like hell, but you can't really avoid that). I took a spill during that snowstorm we had a while ago and landed full body weight on one hand. Hurt like hell for a couple of weeks and I just thought it was a bad bruise bc it seemed to be getting better. Still had some painkillers from the neck and they were, as Borat says, "very niiiiiiiiiice." Well, now swelling is down and it is all better except for one very specific small point near the heel of the hand by the wrist that has some bad pain to the touch. Since I actually broke a finger last spring, I know it feels the same. Anyway, without restricted motion (it hurt, but I could move it) and without deformity, I did not see a doc. At this point it seems that's what it was but 4 weeks later it's probably untreatable/set at this point, so whatever. Didn't want to get "how are you?" emails esp when I was more annoyed (at my clumsiness on the ice) than hurt so never mentioned it here, and also did not want to be "that guy" who mentions an injury throughout the course of training on a "woe is me" campaign. Anyway, it now seems to be ok, though you never knew about it in the first place, so the story starts and ends right here.

This morning, I went to the Lifetime to do the weights and stairmaster. Tough day, 30 min hard resistance on stairmaster, 120 floors or so on this guy, which I have named Robin, in honor of the uphill climb from the Presidio to Robin Williams' house during the race