Wednesday, January 31, 2007

two days in a row...

well, i actually got my lazy ass out of bed again this morning to go to the gym for some strength training! two days in a row, i'm actually thinking that maybe i'm headed in the direction of actually training for this and coming out of hibernation a little early this winter!

in regards to the ankle, when it is feeling better i would do some stability exercises for it as that usually helps and helps prevent further injuries. if you have one of those bosu balls or have one at your gym, that helps a lot with stability for your ankle and stuff if you do 1 legged work. good luck and i hope that your ankle feels better!

along the lines of random injuries and sports that are not included in the run-bike-swim, i'm headed out to montana next week to ski and i'm asking everyone to please say a little prayer that i come back in one piece! you see, i skied for the first time in my life this past weekend at wilmot and let's just say it didn't go very well and i have the bruises to show for it! those little 3 and 4 year olds on the bunny hill were skiing circles around me! talk about embarassing, there i am with an instructor taking a private lesson because i was too embarassed to sign up for ski school with the little kids and i was falling left and right on the bunny hill! oh and for a good laugh, i even fell on totally flat ground while just standing there on my skis! so, i'm off to montana a week from today with my husband. he is a great skier and me, not so much. we are having a ski filled weekend and all i'm hoping is to come home in one piece! so, if anyone has any tips or suggestions for accomplishing my goal, then please share!