Thursday, January 18, 2007

I know, I'm crazy, but I need a favor from you all!

I know that I started the original posting about the sharks and crazy sea lions, but I now have a favor to ask of all of you as it seems my neurosis is getting much worse.

My fear of sharks is real (on my honeymoon while snorkeling saw a shark, shoved my husband towards it and went swimming the other direction to save myself) and something that seems to be getting progressively worse everytime I read this blog and read the posts about sharks whether it is gigantic sharks being released into the water or whatever. So, if I am actually going to get into this water on race day and not have a complete panic attack, I think I must stop reading these posts. As a result, I have one request...if there is information in shark posts that is important to training or something other than shark information...could someone please inform me or possibly put it in another post? Or in the alternative, possibly someone could suggest someway I could get over this fear? I know, you people probably are thinking, who brought the crazy girl, but I really don't want to be known as the girl who bailed because she has an insane fear of sharks or the girl who had a panic attack upon being shoved off the ferry (by either Ryan or Chuck) at Alcatraz Island!

Thank you and I apologize for my craziness, but maybe someday I will not be a raving lunatic when it comes to sharks (my husband is hoping this day comes sooner rather than later)!

Sincerely your crazy fellow triathlete,