Thursday, January 18, 2007

Okay, Miz Scarlett.....

Maybe this will help motivate you to get your ass out of bed in the morning - here are some excerpts from the website that Annette oh-so-helpfully provided us the link for:

"Some believe that white sharks only attack people by mistake, and they don’t bother to eat them when they find out how lean they are. And yes, that would be true even right after Thanksgiving—keeping in mind that here “lean” means in comparison to whales."

Hopefully we can all manage to be svelte-looking relative to the whale population, though some of us might have to back off on the sliders a wee bit. Maybe bring it down to one case a day, not two?

And there's more:

"One is the second largest sevengill we’ve ever exhibited, a female measuring 8-feet, 7-inches long and weighs 247 pounds. The only larger sevengill was a 9-foot, 10 inch female that was with us for four years in the early 1990s until she was returned to the wild...Sevengill sharks have been found in waters from 3 feet to 2,700 feet deep off the Pacific Coast, in the Southern Hemisphere and from British Columbia to Southern California....Also called cowsharks, sevengills were abundant in San Francisco Bay until overfishing depleted their numbers over the past 25 years."

Note how they said DEPLETED, not eradicated. And those are some big mofo sharks.

How you feelin' now about getting up tomorrow morning?