Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Training Plans

Yes, Tasha. Thanks. I would love to read that. As of right now I have based my training plan around the new information out from the sports science team at White Castle. It seems my plan to incorporate White Castle hamburgers and Mountain Dew soft drinks into my training is proceeding flawlessly. In fact, I got my newly revised traning plan just last night - it comes free with every case of "sliders" you order.

Yes, my waist and ass are growing exponentially as a result, and there is this acne thing to deal with now... But hell, I feel like a million bucks!

Prehistoric DNA and thermo energy transfers? Are you still pushing "THAT" outdated idea, again? Have you not read up on my latest published work titled, Kinetic Heat Creation and the Power of Self Actualization"? Get with it woman, our key to staying warm is all in our heads. Really, are you not keeping up with your reading?

And FYI - under no circumstances will I be held laible if anyone on this trip sees me naked. Chuck, can we get something legal together in writing that will cover me on that?