Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dearest Chuck...

God bless your lovely wife.

You see, no matter what comes out of the cold shower or cold lake, cold anything... she loves you none the less, or rather, is stuck with you. I'm guessing it's the former since you're a stand up guy.

I think, therefore, it goes without saying, that a married guy talking about how small his dork is going to become in the cold is a pretty harmless thing since, in theory at least, there is only one woman in the world who really knows the truth to this.

However, being single, there is still the illusion we single guys like to portray... akin to neanderthal like behavior where the one with the biggest, uh, club if you will, attracts the cave ladies. And let's not pretend that this isn't some giggly topic of conversation at some point when the girls grab cocktails from time to time and discuss thier latest dating escapdes.

OK, SO.... point in short. Let's not talk out what really happens to the male body when cold water is applied. At least not broadcast it on the internet. Some of us are still neanderthals.

Thank you kindly.

Your pal,