Monday, January 15, 2007

Ingrates they have become.....

Kevin, dammit, there you go, ruining the surprise. I was thisclose to getting my dear old friend Eva Mendez (oh, I didn't tell you about that time we met in Costa Rica and bonded instantly? Oops, my bad) to act as lifeguard for the Escape race, but now she thinks you're just mocking her, and she's changed her mind. Sigh, so close........

And Chuck, Chuck.....I too finally watched that great white/seal video. Notes to self:

1) Chuck is on OTHER paintball team, for scaring the crap out of all of us
2) Paint *someone else's* wetsuit brown, to resemble a sea lion. Perhaps glue a sleeve shut so that they are also slow and awkward in the water. Having an unsuspecting person fill the "wounded pigeon" role is key.
3) Chuck, when did you say you're flying into SF again? I'd be more than happy to get our hotel rooms, make sure they're next to each other. Nope, I have no idea why there are strategically placed buckets of chum around your room, ready for you to "accidentally" stumble into the day of the race. Odd.

Max.....what's this you mumble about no picture-taking during your own wetsuit shenanigans?? Ve haf vays........(evil laugh)