Wednesday, January 10, 2007


OK, folks. I have a recommendation that will give a little perspective, i.e. holy crap, if that lady does that, I can do anything. Have you read Swimming to Antarctica by Lynn Cox? Want to talk about cold water?! This chick has been swimming in the coldest of the cold - in only a bathing suit, no less!! She swam the English Channel in record time when she was 15. It all culminated in a 1 mile swim in Antarctica where the water was 32-ish degrees, and she swam with no wetsuit, just a regular ol' cap and her trusty goggles. So, bring on the 55 degrees, I say! (This after I waffled for a loooong time abt signing up for this insane race, but now I'm in, and I have to cope w/ what I've done somehow)...So, it's a recommended read.